Creating Digital Assets

Running a digital marketing agency is great, and after 20 years as the founder and lead of Matter Solutions, Ben is still having fun there, but... running our own websites (as assets) means we have the freedom to invest without persuading clients or competing for non-digital marketing dollars. Everything we do is digital.

This is how Visible Ventures began in 2020 though it had initial tentative steps put in place many years ago.

First, we took a look at markets that don't conflict with any of our agency clients, and are unlikely to ever overlap.

Next we put together a remote team to consistently build valuable assets just as we encourage agency clients to do. 

Lastly we had to tell the accountant about the "non-client revenue" bucket needed to measure our success.

Our areas of specialisation include...

Drop-Shipping Sites

Setting up Ali Express (etc) supply arrangements to deliver products to consumers in Australia and the US.


Providing high value professionals and consultants with leads on a pay-per-lead basis.


We're building other stuff that is not for public knowledge.

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